No Quotas to Meet - Professional Partners

Getting Started with Professional Partners

What is Professional Partners?

Q:  How much does membership cost?

A:  There is no cost to join and no monthly, annual or any other type of fee to be a part of Professional Partners.


Q:  What is the duration of the contract with Professional Partners?

A:  The only paperwork you sign when joining Professional Partners is a participation agreement, which you can cancel at any time.  The agreement simply allows us to return rebates to you monthly.


Q:  How much do I have to purchase to maintain membership in Professional Partners?

A:  There are no quotas to fill with Professional Partners. You order only what you need directly from the vendor partner and receive monthly rebates on all your purchases.


Q:  How many participants are there in Professional Partners?

A:  Currently, we partner with over 625 funeral homes around the U.S.


Q:  Will there be additional services in the future?

A:  Yes! Professional Partners is expanding its vendor partner list every day.


Q:  How do the discounts work?

A:  Professional Partners negotiates reduced rates and rebates with their vendor partners and those savings are passed on to our members.


Q:  How does Professional Partners fund itself?

A:  Professional Partners takes a small percentage of the discounts we receive from our vendor partners.


Q:  How do I sign up?

A:  Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the extremely simple process of becoming a member of Professional Partners.

Corporate Office: 1115 East Washington Street, Bloomington, IL  61701

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