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Professional Partners was founded in 2010 by funeral directors for funeral directors.  Our alliance has been an invaluable tool to the membership base to reduce their operational expenses which directly benefits their businesses and indirectly benefits their client families.  If your goal is to provide the very best service at the most reasonable cost to your families, Professional Partners might be for you.  If your goal is to hire more people, upgrade your business or generate additional revenues, then Professional Partners might be for you. The cost for your funeral home to join with many of your colleagues who have already done so is nothing.


Professional Partners was formed in part due to the changing landscape of funeral service across the nation.  Professional Partners are keenly aware of the impact of the deceased being present for a visitation or funeral service, as it correlates to the family‚Äôs ability to make a healthy grief recovery.  Statistically, relatives and friends who are present at the viewing of the deceased are able to confront and share their emotions in no other way that exists.  As funeral directors, we know this is why we do what we do.  Take a family into our care, walk them through the process and set them down on the other side knowing through your actions they will begin to heal.


Current economic realities and perceptions that our client families can save their families the heartache of a traditional funeral has led to our client families considering traditional funeral service alternatives.  Professional Partners understand that much of this is driven by pure economics and some of it is driven by those who believe that those who attend a traditional funeral service go through the most difficult time of their life.  It is up to us as funeral directors to show our client families that this time tested tradition is the most complete way to confront your emotions, share your grief and being to heal.  


We as funeral directors understand more than anyone else that if funerals become cost-prohibitive, that society will lose that time-honored and respected tradition of honoring humanity.  As funeral directors, we understand that what we do is more of a ministry and less like a business.  The honor and integrity of our family name and our profession is always at the forefront of our minds while conducting ourselves with our client families.  We believe that in these changing economic times we can help ensure that our profession maintains the highest of ideals while helping our colleagues control their expenses.  Professional Partners is an organization of funeral directors who, due to their volume, benefits from discounts, and economies of scale not available to smaller funeral home operators.


Professional Partners is unique in that it seeks to benefit the client families who call upon their funeral directors.  Professional Partners is a group of funeral directors from four states brought together to maximize revenue for funeral directors through purchasing power and create synergistic pathways so savings can be passed along to the client families that they serve, while simultaneously create additional profitability to continue to serve their communities.


We are an organized group of professionals who believe that the betterment of funeral service can only be achieved by working together. With this important concept, we have joined together hundreds of funeral homes across the United States, who now have the advantage of shared buying power, increased communication, and education on the economy of scale operations. We have thousands of funeral home members in 34 states that recognize the benefit of having strength in numbers. There is no cost to join, no quotas to meet, and members maintain the benefit of independent ownership. We are simply a group of independent funeral home directors that work together, gain knowledge, share ideas and develop shared goals for greater profitability. The benefits of joining Professional Partners are so wide-ranging they will affect every aspect of your business. We welcome you to explore our philosophy and learn more about how you can become a part of our ever-growing network of professionals.

Corporate Office: 1115 East Washington Street, Bloomington, IL  61701

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